Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i need my broadband rite now

yea,.i need my broadband rite now,..
i wanna to on9 my blog..
i need to update this always,.
n also i wanna to chek his fb,.
nowadays he always on9 his fb evry nite..
i dun noe wut he do,.
even sibuk cmne pon dye ttp on9 fb,..
hmm its like he hidden smthing from me,.
if got my broadband back,.
i can on9 24hours per days,.
yea i like dat,..:))
ble dye on9 n komen2 i bole join,.
waaa bia smua owng taw dye adalh cnta ati sy,.:)
dat my tujuan utama,..
broadband come back to me,..
ble nk g byar bill neyh,,.
klo baya sknk da ley gne,.kikikik

' i miss u my broadband' :((

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